DIY Driftwood Finish for Furniture

How to add a touch of coastal elegance to your home decor.

What is a driftwood finish?

A driftwood finish is a technique used to transform ordinary wooden furniture into something that looks like it's been weathered by the elements over time.


Chalk Paint Clear Chalk Paint Wax Dark Chalk Paint Wax, Liming Wax Sandpaper Wire brush Wax brushes

Tips for whitewashing

Don't overload your brush. Brush the paint on then quickly rub it off again.  Work in small sections. Brush in the direction of the wood grain.


For this painting technique, you are going to mimic the natural grain and texture of driftwood using a paintbrush and a lint-free cloth. Apply a chalk paint whitewash then quickly rub it off.

Once you're finished applying chalk paint and blending it, it's time to seal it using clear wax. The clear wax creates a seal for the next step: Using dark wax.


A light coat of dark wax. Appiled too much dark wax? Remove it by rubbing the area with more clear wax.


Using white wax is a fantastic way to enhance the wood grain and add depth to your driftwood finish.


The white wax will settle into the nooks and crannies and bring out the grain, giving your furniture an authentic and organic look.


Chalk paint wax protects your furniture deepens the colors and adds a subtle sheen that mimics the natural patina of driftwood.


The Result

A beautiful driftwood finish for wood furniture. Step back and admire your beautiful driftwood-finished masterpiece!

Voilá !

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