How to use an embossed rolling pin. Making embossed cookies Embossed cookie recipe

Once all the ingredients are well combined, pull your dough together into a ball.

After chilling, roll out the dough with a regular rolling pin first then, roll over once with an embossed rolling pin.

After cutting out the cookies, place them in the fridge. for another thirty minutes. .

Bake the cookies

The aim is to make sure the cookie dough does not lift or spread too much while baking.

Dust the embossed cookies with confectioner's sugar if you want to give them a frosted look.

I thought these embossed rolling pins would be a pain to clean but they aren’t at all.Get tips for cleaning and storing embossed rolling pins.

Use embossed rolling pins to make Easter cookies too, they will wow your family and guests! Get the full tutorial and recipe on the blog.


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